Have you ever seen
the sunlight on the clouds early on the morning creating such wondrous vibrant
colours, you never thought existed. Or that very same sun setting over the
horizon; a sight of utter beauty. It is this and sense of wonder and beauty which
Trine 2 elicits in its player. It is possibly the most beautiful looking
platform game ever developed. The colour and light are so vibrant and atmospheric,
simply jaw-dropping in its beauty, as well as playing like a dream. It’s great
being able to seamlessly switch between characters and solve the puzzles thrown
at you, and using all different kinds of strategy with your characters during
combat. It’s good news to hear that the sales of the series has recently
surpassed 7 million. Here’s hoping for Trine 3. (9/10)

Last of Us
also turned out to be a great game in every aspect.
Not much of a surprise there considering the amount of awards it won and the
high review scores. I personally enjoyed the Uncharted games more (also
developed by Naughty Dog), just because I preferred the sense of adventure, the
characters and the banter between the characters in those games is pure gold.
Saying this it’s hard to fault what The Last of Us does because it does do it
all so well. Sure the pace of it could be a little slow at times and I wasn’t too
keen on the ending, but it did look amazing and the game design is outstanding.
It’s often said to be the best game on the PS3 for many people. I’d personally
not put it in my top 5 though definitely in my top 10. (9/10)

I can’t say
which is the better game —‘The last of Us’ or Bioshock Infinite. I only know they’re both incredible! The combat
is more throw away, first person shooting with some cool powers, not forgetting
the sky-rails, some nice ideas. Where Bioshock Infinite really impressed me was
with the world it created and with its story. The world of Columbia is stunning. From starting off in the stormy
seas, to ascending into the clouds, the effect feels like a spiritual
experience, which is ironic seeing as you arrive inside a breathtaking church
interior shortly after. When you get close to the end the twists in the tale
start to hit you one after another, leaving you reeling. I was so impressed
with the story and the ending/s, it simply puts many movies to shame. Unlike
the Mass Effect series, which I consider to be a ‘Jack of all trades master of
none,’ Bioshock Infinite is truly a master of all. Yeah maybe Bioshock (10/10)

Meanwhile back on the PS3 I started my first game of
the year Lego Marvel Superheroes.
I’ve heard so many good things about the Lego games (and have had a quick go on
a few), and being such a big Marvel fan I thought it was a sure thing.
Unfortunately I didn’t get that much out of it. To be fair it’s very well made,
yet I just couldn’t get excited about it, despite the fact that you got the
chance to play as multiple characters and it covered so much in the Marvel
Universe. The humour didn’t do it for me and all I could think of all the way
through was,’ I wish this wasn’t Lego and more like other third-person action adventure
games’. (6/10)

On the PC I
bought Company of Heroes 2, but just
could not get into it. Even though I loved the first one so much; I still
consider it to be one of the best RTS games of all time, I could get that same
buzz. Perhaps I needed to play with friends. Unfortunately nobody I knew was
playing it this time over. Boo hoo! (7/10)

swiftly jumped ship and tried something completely different in the form of Dear Esther. Some people argue that
Dear Esther isn’t even a game there is so little interaction. You simply walk
(no jump, run, or interact,) around and island a narrator is triggered now and
again and that’s it. A big downside was that I couldn’t even toggle the ‘W’ key
on my keyboard, so I had to keep changing fingers every five minutes — that’s
just crazy. So I hated it for those reasons. At the same time I loved it. The
Atmosphere on the Island is incredible, Isolated, magical, tragic, and helping
to stir these emotions is some beautiful music. The only reason I forgive this
game is because I love diversity in games and this delivered a unique and at
time very beautiful experience. I’m just glad it was a short game. (6/10)