I played X-com
Enemy Unknown
on my PC for a little while and then decided to play it on my
Playstation. I can’t remember why. The graphics are better on my PC and I
usually prefer strategy on PC. Whatever the reason I have since played the
expansion X-com Enemy Within on my
PC and despite its superior graphical quality, I still preferred playing this
awesome game on the PS3. Possibly my favourite game of the year. I got so
immersed in these games. They were truly challenging. I cared about my
soldiers. I had a favourite sniper, Heavy and support who more often than not
got me out of a tight scrape when I needed them both. With the management of
your base and the strategy on the battlefield the game is so rich and deep.
There’s nothing more satisfying than working hard to develop new weapons and
then watching them achieve maximum accuracy and damage in the field. From all
the games I played in 2014, this is the one I hope they make a sequel. (10/10)

I tried and
FPS called Singularity on PC, which
I’d never heard of before. Alternate Russian history where you find something
which can fast reverse or fast forward time on people and/or certain objects.
You can reverse time on a broken staircase to get up it. Age attacking soldiers
so they turn to dust. Even though I enjoyed it, it did feel a little gimmicky.
I think ran out of ammo at got a bit stuck so I gave it up. I’m sure for some
out there it’s a little gem. (7/10)

Another game
I liked though couldn’t finish was Bastion.
It looks superb and it’s very unique in the way the environment is created
before you. The narration and sound also give this game a feel that separates
it from the crowd. It was damn hard though. (7/10)

After this
was Braid…You can reverse time.
Big deal. Over-rated. Only played it for a few hours and quickly grew tired of
it. (5/10)

I finally
confronted one of my biggest gaming fears in 2014 — World of Warcraft. A game I previously avoided for fear of becoming
addicted to it and doing nothing else with my spare time. Now, after many years
I finally decided I must face my demons before WOW was lost in the midst of
gaming history and I forever regretted never playing it. I’m glad I experienced
it, but I’m sure the real experience is playing in a guild. I just played on my
own most of the time. Occasionally worked with others on a quest or raiding a
dungeon. Mainly it was just me grinding away to gain experience and gain more
abilities. After two or three months I’d managed to reach a level 30 female
human Mage. I enjoyed my time there, but it didn’t really rock my world. I much
prefer Blizzards RTS games. (8/10)

When I
wasn’t playing WOW I was playing some short casual games Plants Vs Zombies 2 was a big favourite. Having loved the first
one, it was a forgone conclusion that I would be playing this one to death, and
am still playing to this day. Simply one of the best tower defence games of all
time. (9/10)

Stanley Parable
, like Dear Esther is so far out there, it almost
defines definition. Again there is a narrator who speaks of the character we
play. In first person you find yourself in an office and from here explore a
stranger and stranger environment. The game makes you question what the hell is
going on and constantly plays with your emotions. It is at times amusing and at
others amusing. You are constantly questioning what is the nature of this game.
It is a singular unique experience that can only be that —experienced. I liked
it, because again it was really out there. It is good to know that such a niche
kind of game has managed to pass the 1 million mark in sales. (7/10)

Meanwhile back on the PS3 I decided to go back and try
an older game I’d never played, Ghostbusters:
The videogame
, I’m a huge Ghostbusters fan and thus my heart sang when I
played the game I always wanted to play. The game play was fantastic. Voices
from the original actors. A script that was genuinely funny, capturing the
humour of the original film. What was there not to like? Only one thing
unfortunately. Everything was ace, I just couldn’t finish the damn thing. If
only you could change the difficulty level during the story. I was so close. (8/10)

It was time to see what the fuss was about it was time
to play Minecraft. I can see why
this is such an iconic game. How you can get lost in it. If I was a different
type of gamer it would easily be my favourite game of the year. Some people
like to build and some people liked to play survivor mode. I was the latter. I
don’t know why I wanted to grow crops, have a field of cows or just wander and
explore an environment that looks like a 3D game from the nineties. I think
it’s because it’s so unrestricted. You can build anything. You can mine or
destroy practically anything. You have such a significant effect on the
environment. Your imagination is the limit of the game and it is blissfully
immersive. (9/10)