After going round the houses it’s finally time to play
Diablo 3. It picked up fairly
promising with a typical gorgeous cinematic from Blizzard. I decided to be a
female (I much prefer looking at girls than boys when it comes to third person)
Demon Hunter. The game looks beautiful, there’s no denying that. It fast paced
and fluid. You need to manage your armour and weapons, which I love, to make
sure you’re a bad ass when fighting the demon hordes. There are plenty of
abilities for your character. The problem was it just lacked something. Maybe
dungeon crawling doesn’t have the same appeal. I don’t know. I stopped playing
it a couple of months ago and haven’t gone back since. Shame. (8/10)

I bought and
played a bit of Sniper Elite: Nazi
Zombie Army 2,
just for a laugh. It’s tough and gimmicky and does exactly
what it says on the tin. Exactly what you’d expect. (6/10)

Transistor is
made by the same developers as ‘Bastion’, mentioned above. It is a beautiful
looking game and the music is equally as good. Once you get the knack of it,
the combat is excellent. Very strategic and quite different from most games
I’ve played; always a good thing. You are drawn in by this very distinct world
and the characters who inhabit them. (9/10)

If you like Batman or super-heroes (which I do), how
can you not like Batman: Arkham City. As
good as if not better in some ways than its predecessor. You really do feel
like Batman dishing out justice. The game is so refined and well made, it is
difficult to fault. Take note: This is how to make a superhero game. I even
liked playing as Catwoman, and why not? I even like all the extras you get with
‘The game of the year edition.’ They should make other superhero games like
this. I’m still trying to figure out why no-one does. (9/10)

I’ve always wanted to play ‘Left 4 dead’ and Left 4 Dead 2. I never owned an X-box
360 and never got around to playing it on PC. I felt it was high time to see
what the allure was. Playing on my own is an enjoyable zombie killing fest.
Playing online I’m discovering is incredible fun. I’ve still got a lot of
different modes to play and maps to play through and I can’t wait. It’s true
what the game says you really do have to work as a team to survive. It’s a
great feeling saving your team mates. I’d rather play as a team against the
Zombies, than play yet another ‘Call of Duty’ type game where sometimes you win
and sometimes you lose against strangers. Zombies will always trump, soldiers.
I’m looking forward to playing another round. (8/10)

The art
style, depicting the harsh snow covered environments of The Banner Saga, is simply stunning. I love the story and the
turn-based combat system. It’s a tough game as you move your army across this
unforgiving land, using up precious supplies, making tough decisions, and
trying to survive the battles with the Dredge. You always seems up against it.
But this is part of its appeal. Anything worth doing should be a challenge, and
you’re constantly fighting for your life and the lives of others. True the pace
can be a little too slow. which is it’s only drawback for me personally. Did I finish
it? No, close though. Like I said it’s a really hard game. But this isn’t
always a bad thing and reminds me of the days when games were tough but still
rewarding to play. (8/10)

As the year draws to a close and I reflect on all the
games I’ve played on my PS3 I think it’s time to play Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, the original which kicked it all off. I might
not get a chance to go back, if indeed I do buy the PS4. Playing the first in
the series is proving to be both bad and good. Like greeting and old friend. It
does look nice despite being a relatively old game, and all the basic elements
are there, which can be found in the other two (so far), it’s just that
everything’s not as refined, and if I had nothing to compare it with that would
be great. However, Uncharted 2 and 3 are such a big improvement on ‘Drakes Fortune.’ Don’t get me wrong it’s a good game,
almost great, even a classic some might say. I guess they had to start
somewhere and build on something to reach the two sequels which are indeed two
of the best games of that generation.
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